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The E.P.P.I.C recipe for an EPIC day

Have you felt that your habits have been slightly disrupted by COVID19? Feeling off with some of the rituals?

As out of balance it may seem, this is actually a great opportunity to install a morning routine that will set you up for EPIC day. There are a couple of reasons why now would be a good time to consider that is first you possibly may have an extra time as the commute is eliminated. Second reason is the fact that all the routines are disrupted and as a result your brain is more inclined to adopt some new habits. Third reason why – is because it is always a great time to start something that will help you to take your life to the next level of excellence.

You might have heard of “5 am club’” by Robin Sharma and tons of other research showing that the way you start your morning determines the rest of your day. There are tons of different things that you can do in the morning that will set you up for the greatness throughout the day. I like simplicity and ease of implementation, so the EPPIC model that I developed for my mornings goes like this:

E: Exercise

Even just 20 min of walking/running/yoga will help you feel so much more confident (knowing that you got a workout done before lunch time feeds your mind with the idea of getting difficult things done and out of the way, plus you will gain extra energy to use for other tasks that you need to complete throughout the day.

P: Prayer

Connecting to that higher power will help you to take on any challenges, knowing that you are guided. In addition, focusing on expressing gratitude for all the blessings received automatically will help you feel abundant.

P: Priming

Conditioning your mind with visualisations and flooding with positive emotions, will wire more of the resourcefulness for dealing with complexities of the day and decision making. Your subconscious does not know what is real or imaginary and feeding your mind with positive images will prime your brain to pay attention to the opportunities that may appear throughout the day.

I: Incantations

Dictionary explains: “incantations are a series of words used in a chant, in magic or used to cast a spell” – we can INCAN or INCAN’T ourselves with the language we use. When you say to yourself affirmative statements with positive emotional intensity, you are programming your mind to act according to that identity throughout the day. You can for example start incanting “I am confident”. Which will get you to feel confident in various situations.

C: Clarity

Clarity on the outcome is when you want to review your goals for the day to keep your mind focused on what is most important. It is easy to fall into reaction mode if you don’t have the top “needle movers” set up for yourself. Trick that that got me started on that habit – is – I would put on index card 5 outcomes for the day – I would leave it on my night stand the night before and as soon as I woke up I would look at it. Then throughout the day I would not move to item 2 until I complete item 1 first and so on – a huge game changer for my productivity.

Here is the E.P.P.I.C recipe– you can choose how much time you spend on each item.

It takes me about an hour. You may want to start with 1 min on each and you will be done in 6 minutes. There are some high performers I work with that choose to spend 3 on the morning preparation– it is truly up to you but start with something. And remember great morning starts with great evening – check out my post coming out about evening routine.

What is even the smallest commitment you can make to explore that E.P.P.I.C. morning leading you into EPIC day?


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