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Challenge your audience to elevate their lives with thought provoking speeches that provide practical tools and inspire action. 


'Trick or Treat' Your Brain

  “Trick or treat” your brain to push through limitations and maximize your performance -  Learn best in the world brain hacks to develop mental toughness, discipline and flow state abilities.

Are leaders born or re-wired?

Learn how to increase your charisma, multiply the brain power of teams you work with, and  instal top the leadership skills that will take your leadership to the next level.

How to wire your brain for response-ability.

Learn brain hacks that you can use in any situation.  Instead of reacting emotionally, you will be able to respond more constructively and never ever regret what you did or said in the heat of the moment.

Awaken the Hero Within

Let me introduce you to the real you and show how your subconscious identity runs the show.  If you don’t condition your mind for the results you want, your mind will condition the results that you may not want. This model has helped me and my clients to get maximum results faster in any area of their lives.

Turn any challenge into an opportunity fast

You will walk away with the tools that get your brain to have energy, focus and ability to embrace the opportunity immediately, even in the midst of a crisis.  You don’t have to wait till things settle down, you can train yourself to have automatic success reflexes all the time and embrace the opportunities in every moment.

I am also available to customize my keynotes based on your audience niche.


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