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Are you ready to join the community of champions that is all about the next level of excellence?


You will walk away with the answers to the questions that prevented you from moving forward faster.  


We know that two heads are better than one, but what about multiple heads?

These sessions are not like any other training you have experienced.  The immersive, engaging nature of the training is like a mindset retreat. 

In these groups, I will push you beyond your comfort level to help you reach that next level of excellence, after all, why would you come here if that isn’t what you really wanted? We will eliminate self sabotaging behaviour and identify your triggers, clearing the path for you to reach your highest potential.


Surrounded by high performers, you will walk away with the tools, decisions, made for your business and personal life that will save you time and money and ensure the implementation of action steps.


Mariola has had a tremendous impact on helping me and the results speak for themselves. I reached the highest placements in bodybuilding competitions in the past three years, got featured in fitness magazines, launched my own on-line business, while successfully maintaining leadership position at the full-time employment.

She has provided me with the tools, knowledge, access to other masterminds to keep my mindset strong and my confidence high.

Thanks to Mariola, the experiences and success, both on and off stage, have given me more confidence and the ability to recognize self-limiting beliefs and actions that I was not aware of in the past.

Mariola truly cares about her clients and helping them achieve their greatest next level successes.

Beth Bertone,
Bodybuilder,  Senior Manager at the Government of Ontario, Health and Fitness Consultant

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